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Jake. Ultruh. Drag Queens. Art. Makeup. Video Games. Anything else you'd expect from a 90's boy who turned into a drag queen.

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And the worst part is.. Is that you literally hate yourself from the core of your soul to every flawed inch of the outside.. You will always blame yourself and that’s so fucking sickening. Why or even how is this my purpose in life?

Anna Ladd
Things I Told the Internet, But Didn’t Tell My Mom

“I shut down to protect myself.”

6 word story (m.s.)


Kay, I’m doing this differently for TMI Tuesday.  Send me a number, I’ll draw it while I’m bored at work and post it. 

Should I do this as a committed thing, or should I ask followers to send me a number in my ask box?
Both?  If no one sends me anything I’ll just draw some anyway.
Wednesday and Gastly