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I asked my 6 year old sister to name the Smash Bros characters confirmed so far…


it is not up to you to decide whether someone is trans enough. your bodies do not define your gender THEREFORE you don't need to experience dysphoria to be trans. if you're a boy then you have a boy body. if you're a girl then you have a girl body. if you're nonbinary then you have a nonbinary body. no matter what parts are on that body. why do you even care if some people online are a gender that u don't think exists. who cares. you are condescending trash.





every person on this earth has a biological sex. some peoples biological sex does not align with the gender that their mind is. those people are trans. they experience dysphoria or discomfort because their bodies do not match what their mind is.

anyone else saying that they are trans while they accept, present, or otherwise have no beef or make no effort to present as a different sex, is a fraud and should be ashamed of themselves for barging into a movement that does not belong to them. they should be ashamed of themselves for claiming to know more, or have more experience in the world of transitioning, which is often a very difficult and harrowing period in transgendered individuals lives. they should be ashamed of themselves for slinging around hateful ideologies and terms (“truscum”) and they should be ashamed of themselves for lampooning the transgender movement and turning it into the joke that it exists as today: a mismash of delusional teenagers going through puberty who want to feel special and important while similarly being oppressed and victimized so that they cannot be attacked or lectured on how stupid and wrong they’ve really got it.

how dare you ask “who cares” when its ignorant, entitled bratty teenagers like you who are quite literally over-stepping your stupid little boundaries and declaring authority where you have none. go to any LGBQT meeting and talk about how “oppressed” you are for DARING to exist as an aromantic bigender demiboy; talk about it in the face of the mtf who routinely has to escape being beaten by her father or the ftm who was correctively raped for trying to fit in where they don’t. then proceed to choke on your own indignity after you realize you lead the least oppressive life in the room and that your whole identity is just one trending slap in the face to everyone else in the room where their actual identities are a real source of contention in their lives and safety. you prick.


That was beautiful.

Everything I wanted to say and more.

I keep trying to conceptualize something artistic that I think.. really speaks to my experience with depersonalization and anxiety,

but every single time I’ve tired, I just havn’t felt that satisfaction of like.. “This is it.  I’ve got it.”

I know a lot of artists and teachers of art preach that the best work is born of paint, or are representations of emotions…

but that isn’t true for me.  Whenever I try to paint something from ME.. that speaks MY truth, it just feels wrong..  So I just go on painting others.  Painting places.  Using it like escapism instead of expression.

Is that wrong?.. Is art always supposed to be an expression? 


 before i started transition I drew a lot of pieces that really reflected the sadness I was working through. Here is one of those pieces.


911 operator: 911, what is your emergency?

me: i need help, it’s my husband, he’s gone crazy!

911 operator: they’re on their way sis, what’s the tea?

me: *spills it*

Sucks to be you if you have sexual identity anxiety because sex is literally. everywhere.  You can never escape.





i don’t understand what’s going on here

someone please tell me why did somebody gif this what is she doing

She put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire.

do u think taylor is one of those people that get off on pain like when no ones looking shell stab her leg with a fork and roll her eyes into the back of her head


I wanna be glamour like Liz.  D: