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In another awkward and humorless moment in SNL history, they’ve decided to portray men’s rights activists as misogynists who can’t get laid and who have to resort to conning foreign women into coming to America in order to do so. In a skit that lasts just under 6 minutes I didn’t find one thing funny as I cringed though the one dimensional representation of the typical MRA that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
It was very infuriating watching the ridiculous and incredibly misinformed feminist agenda injected skit because there’s never been a protest against Planned Parenthood or a clinic shut down because of MRAs. If they’ve ever argued about the wage gap it wasn’t because they thought women should be paid less but rather they should do equal work in order to paid equal to a man. And the wage gap has been debunked plenty of times, most notably by feminists themselves and by economist Thomas Sowell. 
Men’s rights are often a running joke because men are treated as disposable and their suffering whether psychological, financial, or physical, is largely dismissed as irrelevant. Men are treated as if they don’t have feelings especially if they are white and straight and being so means that your argument, no matter how valid, will go ignored. Of course, men are ignored until they can’t take it anymore and act out, hurting themselves or others around them.
And let’s not kid ourselves here. When we discuss men’s rights what we are really discussing is the rights of boys who will grow up to become men. If they are not given the same support and care as girls are then it is likely they will grow up having social and emotional issues that will then be ignored as he is told to “just be a man” and “suck it up” causing him to eventually act out. Then when he does act out due to the pressure of constantly swallowing feelings and putting up with things no one should have to put up with he is then turned into a violent misogynist piece of shit and we never question what lead to this behavior. No man purely dislikes women just because. There are reasons for this and they are being ignored.
You often hear a lot of feminists claim they support human rights but then they turn around and deny that men’s rights are human rights. The idea that a man speaking up about the problems that he faces as an act against women’s rights or even a misogynistic attitude is absolutely absurd. Everyone has the right to address the disparities they face and to deny men the right to do so in the face of opposition is not only anti-human rights but a terrible message that is sent to boys. Right now feminists are telling boys that they don’t matter because they were born with a penis and in order to have any weight in this world that they should be more feminine and hate their gender. Sounds like child abuse to me.
As we see in the SNL skit, the MRA has been reduced to a one dimensional hate monger. Not only is the concept of men’s rights new but it is being opposed before it even gains any ground. Feminists have made it their goal to distort and destroy the movement for fear that it will take away attention from the feminist narrative of the inherently victimized female. In reality, MRAs didn’t care about feminists until feminists showed up in force to their meetings without even having any knowledge of what the meeting was about in order to oppress their freedom of speech. In short, feminists only have themselves to blame when this has become the face of their movement. The obnoxious protesting of peaceful MRA meetings is reminiscent of a time when blacks were fighting for their civil rights and when women were fighting for theirs. Human suffering is human suffering no matter what color or gender and the discussion of this suffering should not be hindered because of a perceived connotation that men’s rights somehow equals the hatred of women. It doesn’t.
You know, my first Tumblr blog was purely dedicated to punk bands and music but was interrupted by a group of feminists who attacked my character over a span of a couple weeks. I can bet that most users who operate an anti-feminist blog on Tumblr only decided to do so because they were attacked by a feminist user or group of feminist users for something they had posted that was a non-issue. It seems that feminists cannot make the connection between their actions and the fast rising anti-feminist sentiment.
Personally, I don’t identify with the MRA or any movement simply because movements lose sight of the individual. I don’t like being confined to the rules of an ideology and I certainly don’t like being misrepresented like this skit misrepresented men’s rights activists. So before anyone gets the idea that I’m an MRA, I’m not. My views are purely based on personal experience and research, not doctrine.
In the end, this SNL skit is unfunny, distorted, and serves as evidence of their disconnection with reality and the last nail in the coffin of Saturday Night Live as a comedy sketch show.

This was the final reason I stopped watching SNL.





Really? Men want to make all these weak ass “women should be in the kitchen jokes” and then they want to pull shit like this Fuck u top chef Canada and ur sexist bullshit

A woman’s place is in the kitchen, unless we suddenly want to act like being in the kitchen is respectable difficult work. Then women need to get the fuck out, right? 

This is a promo ad for a “battle of the sexes”. There’s a promotional poster for the women’s side too, featuring the same setup, with the words “Is that all you got, boys?” But of course, OP didn’t take a picture of that one.

For reference:

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Tumblr no


I hate when a person says they’ve had a bad day and everyone, instead of trying to cheer them up, enters a competition of who’s had the shittest life

Dictionary definition


Tumblr SJW: “I don’t care what the dictionary definition of racism is! The definition doesn’t mean anything! Racism is systematic and white people can’t be the victims of racially-motivated crimes!”


My life is not going to revolve around making your life better.

Thats not my job.  I’m not your mom.